Thursday, February 21, 2013

Give Up What for Lent?

So, I go to confession the other day to confess my usual sins. It seems that no matter how hard I try I seem to be committing the same ones over and over. I think my confessor has my whole speech memorized by now. Anyway, when I am done rattling away my sins he asks me "What did you give up for Lent?"

Now, I am feeling somewhat confident that he will approve of my chosen sacrifices. I proudly tell him that I have given up all drink (except tea and water...and for someone who loves coffee and wine, that is a BIG sacrifice) and all processed snacks (chips, chocolate, crackers, etc...). He then says "Why have you not given up sin?"

Talk about being speechless. Sin? Who gives up sin for Lent? HOW can one give up sin for Lent? It seems that sin (whether it be mortal or venial) is so ingrained in our lives, we do it without even thinking. Literally, that is one of my biggest problems...the sin of thinking bad or unjust things about other people. I have not seemed to master the art of controlling my thoughts...they just seem to pop out of no where.

But none the less...with that one statement he took what pride I had over my Lenten sacrifices and taught me that we need to look past the material and look more spiritual. Giving up sin for Lent just seems to be setting myself up to lose... but it's worth a try.

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