Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A New Normal

I created this blog to share my life as a modern day Catholic woman. Naturally, being a woman who was called to the vocation of marriage, a part of that life is the raising of children. I am now experiencing a new reality that is my life. It is not my intention to turn this into a Catholic Mommy blog, but my son has a huge impact on my everyday routine and he will probably play a heavy influence on my reflections.

Our son is a little cutie!

It is so cool watching my husband bond with our son. He is remembering the joys of his own childhood and wants to share those memories. He has picked up a number of car toys from garage sales and I think he enjoys them more than Richard at this point! 

Days are becoming easier for me, both emotionally and spiritually. I think I have overcome the major hurdle of postpartum depression and things are a little less overwhelming. It takes time to realize that a woman does not have as much time for herself once she becomes a mother. That is probably why I did not have any problems or anxiety when I returned to work. It gives me a little sense of  'me time'. 

I have met with my Deacon, who is my spiritual adviser, to assist with my spiritual problems. He did not give me any earth shattering advice. I pretty much already knew what he would say, but it was still a huge help talking with him and getting a different perspective. He encouraged me to go to confession more often (before I got pregnant I was going every 4-6 weeks) and spend more time in adoration. Spending more time in adoration is easier said than done. It's not always easy bringing a newborn into a space that is supposed to be quite and reflective, nor is it easy to find an opportunity to get someone to watch him so that I can sit with Jesus for an hour. 

I have been able to find a few moments of reflective time right before I go to sleep. I know there are some people who will be totally against this, but as of right now Richard co-sleeps with us. He does not like sleeping on his back or in the bassinet and the only solution we've been able to find is to have him sleep in my arms. We will work on breaking him of this as soon as we can, but I do have to say that it makes the midnight feedings so much easier! Anyway, when I look at my sleeping baby in my arms I reflect on what Jesus may have been like as a child. It's hard to imagine God as a helpless child who needs His Mother for EVERYTHING and it kind of blows my mind. But these reflections are helping me with my spiritual crisis.

Being a mommy is an amazing experience. I just hope that I will have enough emotional strength and courage to enjoy the ride! 


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  2. Fascinating comment. I must say that this is the first time a sedevacantist has commented, even though it is clearly something that was copied and pasted from a website. All I can say in response is that Christ promised to send the Paraclete to lead and guide His Church for all ages. Why would Christ renounce that Promise during the Second Vatican Council? When exactly did the Holy Spirit abandon us and why?

    I hold firm to the Promise Christ made to the apostles before His Ascension; That He will be with us until the end of time.

  3. And instead of responding with a clear argument you just repaste the same thing. Interesting. I would have expected more from a sedevacantist.

  4. Laudetur Jesus Christus! Hello Amelia!
    Thanks you for your articles. 11th April was born my first baby, daughter Kristina. My feelings (about spiritual life) was very similar to yours. Thinking about Holy Mary and her baby Jesus was very encouraging for me too. (And still is.)
    Be with God and write for His Greater Glory :)
    Lenka (reader from The Czech Republic)

  5. P.S.: Your son is really beautifull boy! <3