Sunday, January 6, 2013


If you wanna see something that is almost disturbingly funny, then you will want to watch this video put out by the Women Ordination Conference. The thing is, if they wanted to produce a video to help their cause, this one certainly did not do it's job. In fact, it proves that even though these women claim to be Catholic, they have a heretical view on Her Teachings.

First off, they say that they are using Saint Therese of Lisieux as a role model.

If they actually had READ The Story of a Soul, they would have learned that Therese wanted to be a lot of things, including a martyr. Since she only wanted to serve God, I am sure that a part of her wished that she was born a male so that she could become priest. However, she knew that there were many ways to serve Him and the priesthood was only one of many vocations to follow. The Little Flower was OBEDIENT to the Magesterium in every way. I have no doubt that if she walked on the earth today that she would rebuke these women for their heresy.

But that is not all. The lyrics to this poorly written jingle include the phrase, "Don't listen to Saint Paul". You know, they guy who letters take up the majority of the New Testament. If the Church teaches that the Bible is the infallible word of God, and since the letters of Saint Paul are in the Bible, I guess that means that the Bible IS NOT the infallible word of God after all. Well then, what is? If we can't trust the Bible, what can we trust?

Also, the ladies in this video freely admit that they have been excommunicated...which means that any sacraments they perform (save perhaps baptism) are automatically invalid.

I am sure these ladies would call me a traitor to my sex, but as a woman I stand with the Magesterium of the Church that Jesus founded and sent the Paraclete to lead. Ordination has been reserved to men since the VERY BEGINNING of the Church. Not even the sinless Holy Mother was given the power to forgive sins, only the apostles. The early Church Fathers maintained that ordination a vocation that only men are called to. Examples of this can be found in the book The Fathers Know Best by Jimmy Akin. This is a great resource book and I highly recommend it.

Some women argue that there were deaconesses in the early Christian days. This is true. Paul makes reference to Pheobe, an early deaconess. Yet, these deaconesses were never ordained. Instead they more like nuns or consecrated religious women. The First Council of Nicea states  "Similarly, in regard to the deaconesses, as with all who are enrolled in the register, the same procedure is to be observed. We have made mention os the deaconesses, who have been enrolled in this position, although, not having been in any way ordained, they are certainly to be numbered among the laity (Canon 19, 325 AD).

Blessed John Paul the Great also emphasized this in his Apostolic Letter Ordinatio Sacerdotalis which says
Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance, a matter which pertains to the Church's divine constitution itself, in virtue of Our ministry of confirming the brethren.We declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church's faithful. (Declaramus Ecclesiam facultatem nullatenus habere ordinationem sacerdotalem mulieribus conferendi, hancque sententiam ab omnibus Ecclesiae fidelibus esse definitive tenendam.)
BOOM! The Pope has spoken. No Ifs, ands, or buts. If you believe that the Church and her Teachings are being guided by the Paraclete as Jesus promised, then I believe in Her wisdom.

This is one of the reasons that the League of Catholic Women Religious (LCWR) has been under investigation and called to return to the teachings of the Church. Many leaders of the LCWR have spoken out publicly in favor of ordination for women. But, last time I looked, nuns took vows of obedience...

The Catholic blogosphere has been having a field day making light of this video put out by the WOC. Truly, it is poorly written and acted...and if I walked into my Catholic high school wearing skirts that short I would have been suspended. Seriously!

Ordination of women is never ever gonna happen. Bitch and complain all you want, your faux feminism is not going to alter 2000 years of solid tradition.

Now, I think we have to remember to keep these misguided ladies in our prayers. Maybe they just don't know any better. But we cannot allow them to think that their heretical views are acceptable. Maybe with a little love they will ask for forgiveness and return to the Church.


  1. Good post, Amelia. The only thing I can remember about Therese is that she wrote that she wanted to be everything. From her writing I came to understand that she found that she could be all things by living love perfectly. She was able to be a missionary by offering up her steps for a missionary who was tired from walking in their labors. She desired all because she loved God so much, the God who is all and in all. I recall when I read that portion of her writing that Somme liberal women would take those words too far...I guess they have. Lets keep living Love well, so more souls will be converted. St. Therese help us.

  2. I must say too...are you sure that video wasn't a joke? There is no word for it.
    And yeh, you have to follow Peter to be Catholic anything else, you excommunicated yourself.

  3. Well, I'm almost speechless -- not all the way, just almost. If these women want to be taken seriously, they just blew it. Doing a music video reminiscent of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" is not the best way to go about getting a dialogue going with the Vatican. Duh! Like Susan, I too have to wonder if this isn't a joke. If it is supposed to be a genuine piece of PR about ordination of women, it's a smashing failure! Besides, you can dance at the Pope all day, but if he has made a decision after much thought and research, your dance and (pretty bad) song aren't going to change it. Grow up and either be a Roman Catholic or start your own church. Those are your options.

    Thanks for this, Amelia, and your fine article about it!

  4. Excellent post! It kills me that they are trying to latch on to such a great simple soul as St. Therese. Shameful.

  5. Why does mainstream feminism always seem to mean despising everything feminine and trying to be a man? Are women defective until they act like men? They call us "men with breasts" for not supporting those so-called women's issues aimed at reducing us to exactly that: men with breasts. I wish they could be proud of the awesome things women can do without trying to blast their way into roles they cannot naturally fill.

  6. I just had to come back again -- I went to the Facebook site that promotes this video, and it looks to me like they are Episcopal. I wondered why they would say in the song that they missed their women priests, or something like that. I thought the video was about Roman Catholics. Do you think I'm seeing that right? Have any of you gone to the Facebook page? If you type in the search box "women priests" it will come up. However, in any case, even if they are Episcopal, they are treating their own hierarchy the same dismissive way!

    1. One of the refrains to this disturbing earworm of a song says "Some other churches try to schmooze me, but I'm a Catholic. So ordain a lady."

      The Anglican/Episcopal church already ordains women as priests, but they don't ordain women bishops...yet.

      These ladies have a theological view that is more compatible to the Anglican/Episcopal church. I don't understand why they won't convert and insist of bashing the Holy Father.

  7. "Earworm of a song"...LOLOLOLOL! You made me snort, I laughed so hard. Great description! In short, I totally agree!