Monday, February 11, 2013

Abdication and Conclave

My reaction? Utter shock.

My husband has been very sick for the past two days, so I call off of work to take care of him, then I promptly return to bed. Now, my husband likes to cuddle when he is sick (he's like a child in that regard), so when I finally get up and pour a can of broth into a pan, which was his first meal in two days, I turn on my computer to check my Facebook account, like I always do. The first status I see is Raymond Arroyo, the news guy on EWTN, announcing the abdication of the Pope! My status was- Whoa, whoa, wait...WHAT!!!

Granted, we all knew B16's stance on Papal Abdications, but I don't think any of us thought he would actually go through with it! I mean, this has not happened in 600 years, we don't even have a protocol for this.

I am sure there are all kinds of questions going on in the Vatican right now. What will we call him? The Former Holy Father? Where will he live? Will he have any kind of responsibilities? Or will he just reside in a special home and write books for the rest of his life? Honestly, we don't know.

So now, speculations begin. Who will be the new Pope? I think that many of us are hoping that Cardinal Dolan will be elected the fist American Pope, but that is highly unlikely.

But, let's face it, any Cardinal who is willing to flap his cape like a bat deserves to be Pope!

Please keep B16 and Holy Mother Church in your prayers during this confusing time. The Holy Spirit will guide us into the future!

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