Saturday, December 1, 2012


I am so excited! Advent is a wonderful season, but many seem to be confused on what the season is really about.
People are being bombarded from all sides about gifts and sales and deals you can't miss out on! Our materialistic society puts forward an image where it is all about 'me' and what 'I' can get...not really what 'I' can give.

Advent is not only about Christmas, it is about preparing ourselves for the coming of the King! I was not a big fan of the musical Godspell, but I did like that song that said, "Prepare ye the way of the Lord!". That is what Advent is about; preparing the way of the Lord.

I have heard of people treating Advent like Lent and giving something up. I considered this, and when I was doing some research I cam across an interesting article. Since Advent is the beginning of a new Liturgical year, who not do something like a New Years resolution...Catholic style? What a great idea! Add something to your spiritual life!

The first thing that came to my mind was something that I've tried and failed to do many times...pray a daily Rosary. I struggle with the Rosary so much. It's not that I fail to see it's beauty, but I have a hard time concentrating, and it is such a long prayer. My mind will wander to all different kinds of things and I almost feel like I am dishonoring the Mother by not having my whole heart in it.

I put the daily Rosary thing out of my mind, I didn't want to set myself up for failure. So, I have decided to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy every day.

I do enjoy saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and since it only takes about 5 minutes to pray, my mind does wander as much as it does with the Rosary. I've made myself a little prayer corner and I am so excited for Advent to start!


  1. That's funny, Amelia, because I have trouble with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy -- I don't feel it as much as I do the Rosary! LOL! When I first started with the Rosary, I would say one decade a day. Eventually I got to saying the whole thing. I really love that kind of meditative prayer. You have a wonderful idea of a way to celebrate Advent. You've inspired me to do that kind of prayer every day.

  2. Hello, I am so glad I happened upon your blog. I run a new blog for Catholic women and invite you to check it out. I only wanted to comment to your post since you said you struggle with a wandering mind while praying the Rosary. To you and any one else who struggles in focusing in prayer, I write this:

    Do not let yourself be disheartened about a wandering mind. St. Teresa of Avila reminds us that we are human. She tells us to not get upset, but gently bring your mind back to Christ. I struggled for nearly three years with a mind that would not rest due to weaknesses and illness. The only rest it received, by God's grace, was to think of Christ in the Eucharist.There were days when I spent the day fighting my mind and kept drawing it back to God, not for prayer, but to be rid of my busy mind. As time went on I realized God was teaching me what St. Teresa says. I began to use it as prayer and God has showered me with such love and desire for Him, that i did not think existed. The advice of St. Teresa is the the only way to not get frustrated with our wandering minds. So, do not fret, but with humility draw your attention back to God. And trust that it is a grace to pull your focus back on The Lord. It is an opportunity for you to make an act of faith, which greatly pleases God and Our Lady...and is the stuff that saves souls. so, it does not upset Our Lady when you wander in thoughts. She understands. Instead of trying to control your prayer yourself, ask her for help...and go for the journey.

    Another exercise is to focus on the words of each prayer. St. Teresa is not against vocal prayer because in it many souls have entered deep union with God. So, let the words become planted in your souls by using them as a way to pull focus onto Christ.

    God bless you!