Monday, May 2, 2011

My Non-Christian Reaction to the News

I think that I need to ask forgiveness for my foolishness and reflect on some things here.

I went to bed very early last night, 8:45pm, which was unusual for me, but I was just so exhausted because my three ravenous kitties know that I feed them as soon as I wake, so they've developed a habit of waking me up between 6-7am almost every morning. Between the busy weekend I had, and the fact that Rick rented the most boring movie in the world, (The Tourist...would not recommend it.) I could not keep my eyes open.
This morning, after I woke up and fed the obviously starving and attention deprived kitties, I was dressing for work and listening to the radio. On it I heard the news; Osama Bin Laden is dead. I jumped for joy and practically jumped up and down on the bed to wake Rick up saying 'Bin Laden is dead!'. He already knew and I wondered why he didn't wake my up for a celebratory toast.
As soon as I finished getting dressed I ran downstairs and immediately posted this on my Facebook:
OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD! You don't f*ck with America! It may take 10 years but we'll kill your ass!
As I drove to work, I almost immediately regretted posting that. How are we, as Catholic-Christians supposed to react to the news of an evil man who caused so much despair? I also wondered how God would judge him. I know that we are not God therefore we cannot make the assumption that a soul is in hell and we must also remember that hell is a horrible place and we should not wish eternal damnation on our worst enemies.
Also, what would Christ say to us? Jesus is our role-model for living, and while I don't walk around with any WWJD paraphernalia, I do sometimes wonder what would Christ do in this situation? While we may be jubilant that an evil man can no longer continue to destroy lives, should we rejoice in his death? Or should we rise above and pray for him? Don't get me wrong, I would have an exceedingly difficult time praying for Bin Laden's soul, but isn't that our duty?

I think that Father James Martin S.J. was very eloquent in his article when he emphasized that we are in the midst of the Easter season and should remember that Christ asked for the forgiveness of His executioners. Since Christ is our role-model, should we not do the same? I truly think that forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to do. I have people that I cannot seem to bring myself to forgive, family and so-called friends who have wounded me deeply, but I am trying.
The Vatican also released a statement saying:
"In the face of a man's death, a Christian never rejoices, but reflects on the serious responsibilities of each person before God and before men, and hopes and works so that every event may be the occasion for the further growth of peace and not of hatred,"
Blessed John Paul II who was just beatified yesterday had the courage to forgive his would be assassin.

I think that we should follow Blessed JPII's example, and follow Christ's example to forgive, not rejoice when those who wrong us die. This is one of the most difficult things we are called to do as Christians, but we are called to do it.

My Lord, please forgive me for rejoicing in the death of another. Please help the world to forgive the man who has caused so much pain and grief. Help us to rise above and pray for his soul who is receiving justice from his actions. Blessed John Paul, Pray for Us!


  1. What a good post. I was pleased too, but almost immediately felt upset at my reaction. That you had the courage to post your initial reaction and why you were wrong is wonderful.

  2. Thanks, Calah! I'm just tickled that someone actually read my post! :)

  3. Hi Cecilia,

    I'm popping over from Calah's blog. I'm so happy to see another Mountie on the blogs! :)

    This post is great! I felt really conflicted about the Bin Laden death. As someone who is pro-life, I can't ever rejoice in the death of a human person, even someone evil. But I also am not sorry he is dead either. It's a very weird feeling. But you explained it so well. Also, I love that pic of JPII and his would-be assassin. He certainly set the bar very high for all of us!

    God Bless.