Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summer Fun!

School is out. You know what that means? More work for me. Summer is the busiest time for those who work in the financial aid industry so my days are busier than ever.

It also means that summer is approaching. My church has all kinds of youth summer camps available for all of our children, and those activities keep the parishioners on their toes. Last year, my Deacon had the idea to do something for the adults as well, and we had a lecture series where a number of our parish leaders spoke on various topics.

This year, we'll be doing a Bible Study. Guess who is leading it...YUP! That would be me!
I will be teaching a week long series on Salvation History 101. And I am nervous as heck. Granted, Deacon sent me and the hubby to the Bible Study conference about two months ago where we got to learn all about it, but I am not a Bible Scholar...I just read a lot. I'll be doing a lot more reading to make sure I am well versed in this topic.
When I met with Deacon yesterday to discuss some of the logistics, we naturally discussed the hot topic of the day: Homosexual 'Marriage'. I've told him my struggles with trying to stand up with the faith on this topic, and he reassured me in my efforts. All we can do is stand up for what God has placed forth. We will probably lose this fight, but in the end we will receive our reward.
I will be doing a lot of studying during the next few weeks, so please do not be suprised if I don't write another post for a while.
Saint Jerome, pray for us!

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