Friday, March 15, 2013

God Bless Pope Francis!

I was sitting in front of a computer in the library while on my lunch break. I was keeping an eye on the smoke stacks on top of the Sistine Chapel, waiting for some smoke to come out...and I was praying for white smoke. The anticipation of who was going to be elected the new leader of the Holy Roman Catholic Church was just killing me! Granted, I was hoping that Cardinal Dolan would be elected, but I knew he was a long shot. I figured that Cardinal Scola would be the next Pope since he was apparently best buddies with B16.

When my hour was up, I went to my Facebook page and posted, "I wants to see some white smoke!". Then I went back to my office. 10 minutes later, PopeAlarm sent a text message saying, "Habemus Papam!" I immediately sent up a prayer of thanksgiving and kept an eye on to see who the lucky man was.

After an hour, it was announced that Cardinal Bergoglio has accepted the position and has taken the name Francis. My first thought? Who the heck is Cardinal Bergoglio? Was he even in the top ten?

When I got home, I watched the rerun of the announcement on EWTN. You could definitely see the excitement of the people in the Vatican. When Pope Francis finally made his debut, he was very reserved...almost like he could not believe what was happening.

Oh my gosh, he was so adorable! His humility touched my heart and I've been praying for this man every since!

After doing a little research and find out how simple this man is, I think that he will have some great things in store for us in the very near future. What do I think about Pope Francis? I think he is exactly what we need.

Blessed Pope John Paul II, please pray for Pope Francis and for all of the members of the Church as he leads us into a new era! Thanks be to God!

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