Monday, December 31, 2012

Patron Saint For A Year?

Ok, I came across something new today and I am pretty excited about it. I was scrolling through Facebook, like I do every morning, and I saw a link posted by Catechism Class. It was about signing up for a Patron Saint for a Year Devotion.
This is a practice that I have never heard of before, but it sounds awesome!

Basically, what you do, is you give them your e-mail address, and they will randomly assign you a patron saint for a year. The reason I like this is because it gives a great opportunity to develop a new relationship with a friend in heaven. I already have a devotion to many saints in heaven, like Zelie Martin, Margaret Clitherow, Thomas More, Cecilia, Maximilian Kolbe...really, too many to name. Having a patron specifically for 2013 to add to my little personal litany will add something very special. PLUS, I will have the opportunity to possibly learn about a saint that I may not have heard of before.

I highly recommend that you visit A Catholic Life and sign up to receive a special patron saint for 2013. Also, you can learn a little history about this practice. I am so excited to learn who mine will be!

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  1. Amelia, what a great idea! I'm going to the site and sign up myself. I too am anxious to see who it will be -- I hope it's somebody who has a known history and story. Thanks for the great suggestion!