Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For Greater Glory

The hubby and I were so excited to see this movie when the previews first came out. Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to see it in the theaters. We ordered it off of Amazon and it took about 2 weeks for us to finally get our copy. After Mass on Sunday we popped it into our DVD player with and curled up together with some organic popcorn.
My take: The movie was pretty good. Not the best, but most certainly not the worst. Some of the acting was a little dry and the movie is not the most historically accurate. However, I think the main point of the film was to try to remind people of a part of history that seems to have been forgotten. Many people who are from Mexico or from Mexican decent do have never heard of the Cristada. This is very surprising considering that Mexico is thought to be a 'Catholic country'.
I won't ruin it for you. I highly encourage everyone to see it. The beginning was a little dry, but it did get much better by the end. It make the audience sit back and consider what they would do if they were caught in a similar situation. Keep in mind that these events happened less than 100 years ago. They most certainly could happen again. 

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