Monday, May 21, 2012

Life After Grad School

Last weekend I went to my local public library and I got a library card. It was the most exciting thing I did in months! I was so excited to have this library card and walk around stacks of books that I would once again have time to read! Leisurely reading was a thing in the past, I had forgotten how sweet it could be! So far I have read two books and I read them in less than a day, it was awesome! I wanted to check out the library because I fully intend to take my children there on a regular basis when the time comes (and for those who may, or may not be wondering, no, I am not pregnant yet. God will grace us with life on His own terms).

So, am I sure that many of you heard that 43 Catholic institutions have filed suit against the HHS to fight the contraception mandate, including Notre Dame! I was shocked to hear the Notre Dame finally stepped in. I was basically grouping Notre Dame on the same level as Georgetown in it's Catholic identity. Don't get me started on Georgetown. I was about half a heartbeat away from writing to the Pope demanding that their Catholic identity be taken away...not that the Pope would be able to do anything about it, I think that responsibility lies with the bishops, but I don't think that the bishops are all too happy with Georgetown right now. There's rumor of a cannon lawsuit being brought against them, I think it's something like church court.

I believe that if a institution of higher education holds any kind of Catholic identity, then they must abide by the rules and teachings of the Magisterium. Places like Georgetown, Wheeling Jesuit, and even Notre Dame are sending mixed signals about the teachings of the Catholic Church when they don't uphold them. I do think it's time to investigate those institutions who don't uphold the teachings of the church and seriously consider removing their Catholic identity. Either you support what the church teaches, or you don't. Catholicism is not a cafeteria religion, if you think it is then your logic is flawed.

So, anyway, back to my lovely experience at the library. As I was walking around I noticed that a lot of young adult books had some type of new age message or theme tied to it. Our young adults are being inundated with stories of vampires, witches, magic, the supernatural and the occult that it makes me fearful on what messages they are receiving.

I won't deny that I read these kind of books when I was in high school as well, and as a result I became a practicing Wiccan for 7 years and turned away from Christ. I want to write a young adult book that has some good moral values to it, but nothing has come to mind. In the meantime, now that I actually have some spare time, I can actually try to come up with something with a good message that teens will want to read. We'll see if I am hit with any inspiration...

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