Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Possibly Pregnant?

Ok, I know that it is waaaaayyyyy too early to tell. The hubby and I have been actively avoiding pregnancy until after I graduate, which is May 5th. For some reason he has always been afraid that I would not finish graduate school if we got pregnant, and he wants to make sure I finish. Well, now we are only a little more than a month away of me finishing school. He shocks me the other day, knowing full well that I am at peak fertility, and he is completely ok with it. He doesn't mind if we get pregnant. So, it seems that we've come to the point that we are going to stop actively avoiding pregnancy.

Like I said, this came as a shock to me. Now I am almost paranoid and I am taking every gurgling and twinge my body makes as a sign of pregnancy. It is way too early to start testing. My period shouldn't start for about 13 days, that means I shouldn't even use the early pregnancy tests for about another 10 days. Ugh...the next few days are going to be excruciating!!!!!!!

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