Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reflection Tea

Yesterday I was standing in the narthex of my church getting ready to head into the sanctuary for Mass as soon as Holy Hour was over. Deacon walked down the aisle and grabbed my attention immediately as soon as it was over. He strode up to me, took me by the shoulders and said, 'I need you to do a really big favor for me. One of the speakers for the Ladies Reflection Tea on Sunday backed out and they are frantic for a speaker. Now, I know that you will let the Holy Spirit speak through you and you will do a good job!' Wow, who can say no to that! So, I have two days to prepare a little speech about my spiritual journey and speak in front of a lot of prominent ladies on Sunday.

Even though I a rather anti-social person, I don't have a problem speaking or performing in front of others. I've sung in front of thousands of people, and as a graduate student one is required to give at least two presentations for every class.

But to talk about the twisted road that is my spiritual journey in front of some influential (and somewhat gossipy) women can be intimidating. My path has been fully of ups and downs and rocky periods when I have strayed from the path and walked among the weeds. I still have not fully emerged from my desert period and it is something I am still working on. My Deacon knows all of this and he knows about my past, which is probably a big reason why he recommended me for this. I just hope that I don't freak too many people out.

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