Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yup, It's True

Everything they tell you about your wedding day... it's all true. I really don't remember much of it. And one thing that I've learned about myself is that I am not a very photogenic person. People tell me that I am pretty, my new husband tells me that all of the time, but i think that I just have one of those faces that you need to photograph me at the exact right angle, or else I look pretty ugly.

My wedding day went by so fast, and I was kinda glad when it was over. I barely had time to enjoy it. I remember going to the salon, getting the hair and make-up done, then running to the church to get ready, then waiting for like an hour until it was ready to walk down the aisle. After the ceremony it was quick time for pictures, bustle up the short train I had, and go to the reception. The reception went by in a blur. I was being tugged in hundreds of directions at once and barely had time to dance! I missed the Electric Slide at my own wedding! And I was totally looking forward to that! At least I was able to do the YMCA!

Now, the marriage is complete, consummated, and the honeymoon is over. Now, life can resume like normal.

I'll admit, I am not a very social person, and I hated being pulled in so many directions at the reception. Now, I am thankful to have a husband who loves and supports me. I just hate looking at all of these wedding pictures...ugh...

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