Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pancake Breakfast!!!

There is nothing I love more than going to the pancake breakfast at my church, which is put on by the Knights of Columbus once a month. My fiance is a member of the KoC and he helps out at every breakfast. I will typically arrive to the church before he does so that I can relax for a few minutes and how some coffee before heading up stairs for the 11am Mass.
Typically, the social hall does not have a lot of people down there at 10am, but this morning it was full!! I had forgotten that there was a rather large group of youth getting ready to head down to Webster Springs, WV for some community service work. I'll admit, it was rather funny seeing our Deacon, who typically wears a collar, dressed in overalls and what looked to be a train engineer's hat. Webster Springs is one of the most poverty stricken places in West Virginia. This trip is one of the biggest events that the youth participate in every year.
Deacon knows that I have been feeling a little depressed lately, mainly due to the ongoing delays of my fiance's divorce therefore delaying our marriage. This last delay was a doozy and one of the most ridiculous things that I have ever heard in my life. Apparently, after weeks of the paperwork sitting in the system, his ex-wife has to sign an affidavit stating that Rick is not in the military and is not deployed overseas. Rick is 53 years old! The divorce papers stated what his occupation was and it did not state military! The lawyer swears that the divorce will be final by the end of this month, and that he himself will stand before the judge and get it done. I want with all of my heart to believe that, but this process was supposed to be done months ago and I have become so jaded that I don't think I will believe it until I see the finalized divorce papers in my hands. Deacon is a good man and he continues to try to give me hope and help me to see the eventual light at the end of the tunnel. He reinforced to me again today saying, "I have your file all ready to go, we'll get this done as soon as we can."
On a higher note I went to my first wedding dress fitting last week. Whenever we hear the word go, I'll at least have my wedding dress all set!

Ok, enough of my drama. On to a little bit of commentary here.

Have you heard about what is going on with Father Corapi? If you are following any type of Catholic news you probably have and it is one of the most confusing affairs that I have ever heard of. First off, I'll admit, I have never followed Father Corapi before and i only really know of him by name and by his reputation of being a rather charismatic speaker who has led many people back to the faith. From what i understand he has had a rather sketchy past and reconciled himself before God and heard the colling to the priesthood.
He joined the order of the Society of the Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, or SOLT as it is more commonly known as. He apparently had special permission to live outside of the community and earn his own living. He lived in Montana, or California, and lived a rather wealthy lifestyle, which is not something a priest is supposed to do, no matter how popular you are. He was accused by a female employee of his of having sexual relations and drug use. He also has over $1million in assets in his name.
After these accusations Father Corapi did something strange in my mind. He announces, on Ash Wednesday, that he is going to leave the priesthood and continue on under the moniker of the 'Black Sheep Dog'. He will also ignore the request of SOLT to return and live in the community as an inactive priest. His responses are full of anger and narcissism that show signs of his guilt, in my opinion. He claims that the reason he is leaving the priesthood is because he could not get a fair trial in this manner and he is just going to continue to evangelize as a lay person.
This is a rather dangerous announcement because it kinda shows that he plans on leading a cult of personality. He thinks that the people he has inspired by his books and lectures will continue to follow him even if he renounces his vows. Many of his followers are vociferously defending him, but there are many other who are shaking their heads in disbelief at the whole situation, myself included.
The church does not need this kind of notoriety. You have taken vows, how can you so easily shove them aside for your own pleasures?

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