Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Should We Pity-

Yes, I know Harold Camping is an idiot and I believe that he is a con-artist. He is also pushing this rapture thing way too far! He finally made his first statement last night on his radio show, Family Radio, after this 'Great Disappointment'. He refused to talk to reporters after 6pm on the 21st because he was apparently 'flabbergasted' at the fact that there was no rapture. So he took his wife and holed himself up in a hotel for a little while so he could come up with an excuse on why his calculations were wrong.

Well, according to old Harry, they weren't wrong! Apparently it was a 'spiritual' (aka invisible) judgement and the world is still going to end on October 21st. He has not apologized to his followers for deceiving them and said that it was not his fault that so many people gave up their life savings, quit their jobs, sold their homes, etc... to spread the word of impending doom...all on his word.

Robert Fitzpatrick was one of those deceived by Camping's silver tongue. He was an MTA employee who cashed in his retirement of approximately $140,000 to spread the word. At 6pm on the 21st he stood in Times Square waiting to be raptured, and obviously nothing happened. The sad thing is that people swarmed around him at 6:01 mocking him. The poor fool was completely shocked that the rapture didn't happen, and he flipped through the pages of his Bible trying to find answers. I feel bad for Mr. Fitzpatrick because he fell for the wolf in sheep's clothing, has lost everything, and is headed for a major spiritual crisis as people mock him.
A 19 year old New Jersey boy quit his job, gave up all of his savings, and convinced his family to do the same to spread Canping's lies. Now, he and his girlfriend who is 8 months pregnant must start anew with no job and no money to support the baby.

Good Old Harry Camping is doing worse damage now by saying that the world will still end on October 21st. His followers no doubt are going through a crisis of faith right now, and that crisis will only get worse on October 21st. Instead of saying 'Oh, my bad', and apologizing like he should have done, he is leading his followers down a deeper cesspool. I just pray to God that we will not hear of these people committing suicide on October 21st.

Harold Camping, you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

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