Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday

My grandma came down to spend a few days with me and my fiance. We did the regular girly things and we also chose my wedding dress! This morning she and I went to Palm Sunday Mass and next to us sat my NFP instructor, Angie. Angie has four children, all beautiful girls. My grandma points to them laughing and says, "I hope she is not practicing the same birth control you are!" I smile and say, "She is my NFP instructor. All of those children were planned."
The look on my grandma's face was priceless! For some reason people equate family planning to having no more than two or three children. Yes, there are people out there who want to have large families and have the means to support them, and society should not judge these brave people harshly. Children are a blessing, not an obstacle that takes 18 years to overcome.
I saw a YouTube video of President Obama giving a town hall lecture on energy and fuel prices. The president basically blames the high cost of fuel on those who drive SUV's and vans. One person called out saying that he drove a van becuase he needs it for his family...of ten children! President Obama had a very similar look on his face as my grandmother had this morning. So, we can blame the high cost of gas on very large families. I am not suprised that the President's action was so severe, he has Pro-Choice and Anti-Family sentiments. This can be seen by his vehement defense of Planned Parenthood, a morally corrupt  corporation.

I am praying that God will grant me and my fiance children, but I hope no more than two. But is He sees fit to grant me more, I will graciously accept them and be thankful!

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