Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NFP= Laughter!

I told my friend yesterday that I am ow off of the pill and am practcing NFP. there was a silence on the other end before she asked, "What's that?"
"Natural Family Planning. It's how Rick and I can space out our pregnancies naturally."
Another silence. "Yeah, good luck with that."

I find this kinda funny becuase she had a negative experience with the pill when she was younger, and as a result she has a hormonal imbalance. She grows hair on her chin and neck which she is constantly trying to remedy, and she is now having a diffucult time conceiving. She is saving money to start fertility treatments. I broached the topic of NFP with her a few months ago when I asked if her and her hubby were still trying to conceive and told her that if she began to chart she may be able to pinpoint when she is fertile. Unfortunately, she kinda shrugged me off and prefers to pump more hormones into her body to conceive...hopefully she won't go octomom on me...

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