Friday, August 3, 2012

Let Me Make One Thing Clear...

Let me make one thing clear, just because I believe that the sanctity of marriage is between a man and a woman does not mean that I hate people who identify as homosexual. We are ALL made in the image and likeness of God, no matter what sin we struggle with, and we all struggle with sin.

The homosexual act is a sin. Taking contraception is a sin. Watching pornography and masturbation is a sin. Do I hate people who take contraception? No. Do I hate people who struggle with pornography or masturbation? No. In fact, (confession time) I have struggled with pornography for years. I was addicted to it for a period of time and coming out of that habit was, and still is, a struggle. At the same time, do I hate people who have homosexual tendencies? Absolutely not! If we started putting homosexual people in concentration camps, like the Nazi's did in Germany, I would actively participate in the Resistance.

Members of the LGBT community are human beings and we have to treat them with dignity, like we have to treat all human beings with dignity.

But what constitutes a marriage? If two people live together and have sex, does that mean they are married? If that were the case then all couples who are co-habitating would be considered married. Marriage is a sacrament, but today's society seems to forget that. Marriage in this day and age is something that does not have as much value as it used to. People get married and divorced as easily  and with as little thought as switching car insurance providers.

The question of homosexuality is something that tears at my heart because there are people that I love and admire who are practicing homosexuals. While I love them, I cannot advocate or encourage their sin. I have friends who struggle with pornography. I love them, but I cannot encourage them in their sin.

People who support the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman don't necessarily hate those who are supporters of same sex 'marriage'. But there are those who do, like Westboro Baptist Church (which is not a true church in my opinion). People like the members of Westboro give those of us who hold to traditional values a bad name. Don't lump us all together!


  1. It's unfortunately quite easy for this issue to become more hostile than it has to be, on both sides. The LGBT community feels threatened by the hate they suppose all Christians harbor for them as people, and too often the Christians respond in kind to their defensive aggression. It's self-perpetuating. I agree that as Christians it's our duty to make that distinction between the sinner and the sin, to admonish them in all charity without alienating them.

    1. I agree. If we tell someone that what they are doing is wrong they think we are judging them instead of their actions. But if I disagree with someone it does not mean that I hate them or wish them ill. Just because I love you does not mean I need to condone your actions. Thanks for the comment, Conquistadora! God Bless!