Saturday, August 27, 2011

Busy Bee!

Now that classes are back in session at the University, my life has once again become very hectic, both at the job and at home. Plus, I have a year left of graduate school so I am back in classes as well. This semester I am taking Legal, a topic that I do find interesting so hopefully the discussions and projects will keep my interest.

PLUS, my wedding is 19 days away! While the vast majority of it is planned and taken care of, there is still a lot I have to do and plan for. I also have to make sure my assignments for class are completed before I go on my honeymoon! The plans are going very smoothly, thanks be to God! We finalized our plans with the DJ last week and we are going to have an awesome reception filled with a lot of great music!

I have taken the opportunity to volunteer to assist at the Pro-Life tent at the Jefferson County fair this evening from 4-8. I am not a big fair goer, but I am rather passionate about the Pro-Life movement and I thought I would take this opportunity to help out. I'm excited! I think it will be fun! West Virginia is a very conservative state and if my research serves me correctly there is only one Planned Parenthood in the entire state, and it is no where close to where I live. But Jefferson County, the county I live in, is the wealthiest and most liberal county in the entire state! (When I say the wealthiest, that doesn't say too much, especially when you see how poverty stricken the rest of WV is.)

It won't be too long and Sunday school classes will start up. This is my first year volunteering and they asked me to teach Communion Prep Level One (aka 1st grade Sunday school) straight out of the gate! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I have not seen my materials so I have nothing to start making lesson plans. Also, when I was 6-7 years old, I was a Lutheran, so it will be kinda difficult to use my past experiences to build on.

But, really, the main thing on my mind is wedding stuff. Rick and I are so excited to finally be tying the knot that we can barely contain ourselves!

My Lord, Please watch over us as we prepare to make this commitment to You and to ourselves. And help me to keep my sanity!!!

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