Thursday, June 23, 2011

Facebook Debate!

I enjoy a good civil debate, and I emphasize the word civil. Even though I may not agree or respect your politics, and I am mainly referring to the pro-life debate here, I still respect you and your human dignity. It you use contraception, or have had an abortion in your past, I will still treat you with dignity, however, I will pray for you.

I have gotten engaged in a pro-life/pro-choice debate via Facebook on Abby Johnson's Facebook fan page. Abby Johnson has written an awesome book called Unplanned, and I highly recommend it. Abby was the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas, saw first hand the horror of an abortion after she witnessed an ultrasound-guided abortion and she pretty much turned pro-life instantly and now is an activist for the cause! Her story is awesome and I think everyone should read it.

But, back to my debate. As we all know, pages like these sometimes attract trolls who want to start a debate. This started with Miss Alexa who came on to the page and I think intentionally wanted to start a debate. Which is fine, like I said, keep it civil and BRING IT ON! It went like this:

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A fetus in NOT a baby. I stand for women's right to choose what she wants to do with her body. You, apparently, do not, and that sickens me. It is MY body, so it is MY choice!

    • Abby Johnson: Pro-life advocate We are sorry for the pain in your life, Alexa. Praying for you.

    • Alexa Mary Pain in my life? There's no pain in my life. What would make you think that? Besides, there are plenty of pro choice Christians.

    • Heather Brannan Szymanski Alexa- you say it is your choice. What about the baby's choice???

    • Cecilia Barber Because life begins at the moment of conception, and abortion takes away that life, abortion is equal to murder. That 'fetus' has it's own DNA signature, making it a completely separate entity from the woman, and thus is it's own being who has the right to live. I will pray for you, Alexa.

    • Alexa Mary My choice is more important than a fetuses choice, and I find it quite insulting that you would put the life of a fetus over the life of a woman. And a fetus has no conscious, therefor it can't make decisions.

    • Cecilia Barber
      23 hours ago ·

      So, if a baby is carried full term, is born, then murdered when he is less than one minute old, is that morally acceptable because he can't make decisions? If a man kills a pregnant woman he is charged with two counts of murder. Why would t...hat be if an unborn child has no rights? Your analogy is flawed. Also, less than 2% of abortions are performed to save the life of the mother. However, there are ways to prevent the death of the mother than a flat out abortion. An example would be with a ectopic pregnancy, the mother’s malfunctioning organ (fallopian tube, or a portion of it), may be morally removed to eliminate the risk to the mother. The intent here is to remove an organ that is about to rupture (no different than if a tumor was there). To not do so would be life threatening to the mother. It is unfortunate that the threat happens to be caused by an abnormal pregnancy. If the child dies his or her death is not directly intended.See More

    • Elizabeth Berens
      Alexa I will pray that your heart is opened because you are truly lost right now. A child's life is never a choice and to make it one only shows how as a society we are so blind and are unable to see past ourselves. And as for the fetus ...not being a baby I have to ask you this why is it that if a pregnant woman is killed and so is her unborn child why is it then that the "fetus" is a child and it is a double murder but for the sake of choice we are willing to ignore the same fact so that we can look the other way.See More

    • Jennifer Nahrebeski Alexa.....there is 50 % chance that the baby is a woman. And with your do you feel about the mentally ill or developmentally who may not be able to make decisions.....this is a very slippery slope.....

    • Meghan Bowes Preborn babies (fetuses) have a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DNA than their mothers... No part of your body has different DNA than you do. Therefore, it's actually not part of your body, down to a molecular level.

      Alexa, if you had an abortion, those who stand against it aren't standing against you.. I'll pray that you find forgiveness.

    • Alexa Mary A fetus can not live outside the mothers body, and no one has the right use someones body against their will, including a fetus.

    • Cecilia Barber If you chose to have sex, you must be will to accept all of the consequences. An unborn baby is not a parasite, it is a result of your actions. It is not it's fault that it is developing inside your body, you do not have the right to punish it for something it had no control over.

    • Jennifer Nahrebeski Alexa.....if someone needed life support even temporarily to heal...that also means that there life can not be should we kill them too?

    • Jennifer Nahrebeski When you have sex, you welcome the possibilty of having a child.

    • Jennifer Nahrebeski A baby is not monster or a leech, but a precious bundle of joy.

    • Alexa Mary ‎"When you have sex, you welcome the possibilty of having a child."

    • Alexa Mary that is the most bullshit statement I've ever heard. Try telling married couples they can't have sex if they don't want a child. And what if the woman is frced into it?

    • Cecilia Barber
      As a practitioner of Natural Family Planning, my hubby and I avoid having sex when I am at the peak of fertility every month, so i fail to see your point. As in cases of rape, it is tragic, but still, an unborn child should not be punished ...for the sins of the father. There are pro-life activists out there who were conceived in rape and thank their mothers every day for chosing life. Rebecca Kiessling being one of them.

    • Alexa Mary The rhythm method is not that effective, and, it requires that a woman has a regular period, and many women do not. Even if your periods seem regular, a one-time change in the timing of ovulation can alter the expected days of infertility. Someone who was using condoms most definitely has the right be surprised if they get pregnant. And you should know that no one uses abortion as birth control.

    • Cecilia Barber
      I use the Creighton method, which means that I monitor my body every day and record my cycle every night before bed. I can tell, by the way my body works, when I am at the peak of fertility.A woman does not have to have a regular cycle for to be effective. I actually ovulate more than once a month, unlike most women and I do not have a regular cycle, and it still works for us. The Creighton Method is not the 'rhythem method' and is 96-98% effective. Even if 'abortion is not used as birth control' still does not make it right.

    • Alexa Mary okay... and most married couples use a form of birth control that is just as effective. therefor, when it fails, they have the right to be surprised, and if the woman wants to obtain an abortion, she has the right to do that. I feel like I'm going in circles...
 Cecilia Barber If the form of birth control of family planning fails, I have no doubt one would be suprised.  But that does not mean that killing an unborn child is morally correct. There is such a thing known as adoption. That unborn child has a right to live and no one has the right to take that away.

So, I think I did a decent job defending life, and I give Miss Alexa a KUDOS for remaining civil. There was no yelling, no name calling or anything of that nature.  Let us all pray for Alexa and hope that maybe this debate will have an affect on her views and that she will respect the right to life!

My Lord Jesus, I pray for Alexa. Please wrap her up in the sea of your Divine Mercy and help her to respect the life of ALL people, great or small.
Saint Thomas More, Pray For Us!

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