Monday, June 13, 2011


My fiance, Rick, was Confirmed yesterday! I love my fiance very much and I am so proud of him. We certainly have had an interesting spiritual ride. Rick was born and baptized Catholic and had his first communion but was never confirmed. His mother stopped taking him to church when he was about 10 years old. Not that it bothered him, he couldn't stay still in the Latin Masses and he was glad that he wasn't forced to go back.
But, about two years ago when I felt the tug in my heart to return to church, he eventually followed. We both then fell back in love with our faith and we are now stronger than ever. After being away from the church for over 40 years, he was confirmed.

I am so happy for him. I remember when I was confirmed. Standing before the bishop can be a little intimidating, but it is an experience that is carved into my heart! Since I love music I took Cecilia as my patron saint. Rick chose St. Joseph.

I am still going through a Dark Night. It's strange. I've been praying for Christ to come into my heart and help me to feel the love he has for me. It has not happened yet and the strangest thing is is that I know my faith is the strongest that it has ever been, but yet I am not feeling the emotional benefits. I think that describing this kind of emotion is one of the hardest things to describe because when you put it into words it does not make sense.

I will continue to pray and hopefully when this Night is done my faith will be even stronger.

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