Thursday, May 12, 2011

Round One Goes to the Atheist!

I have a friend named Ron who is a staunch atheist. Yes, I do believe that believers and non-believers can get along just fine. Ron is honestly a great guy and he does not look down on those who believe in God, though he is always trying to understand why people believe in a Higher Being. While he has been unable to satisfy his curiosity, he still willingly searches for answers. However, he does find it annoying when people anonymously put Christan tracts in his mail box. And personally, I don't really think that tracts of any kind would be very successful in the conversion process.

Anyway, yesterday Ron posted an article on Facebook about a group of students and professors who are unhappy about Boehner being invited to speak at Catholic University. Boehner is the Speaker of the House and he is a Roman Catholic. His is also staunchly pro-life. However, apparently he has cut federal funding to social programs that help the poor, like WIC. The argument of these students and professors is that cutting federal funding to programs like WIC is not pro-life and he is not acting in accordance to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
When I read this article for the first time I was like, 'Ugh, people arguing and protesting yet again!' On the heels of the forced retirement of Bishop Morris of Toowoomba, Australia, I have become rather sick of people protesting and becoming upset.
I really did not intend to comment on this topic, but I think I have to.

Back in 2006, Bishop Morris made comments saying that the church may have to consider the ordination of women and married men in the because of the shortage of priests. For those of you who may have read my blog from a couple of weeks ago, you know my stance on women priests. Blessed John Paul the Great said very clearly, and ex cathedra, meaning that this statement falls within papal infallibility, that the Church has no ability to ordain women. Period. No if's and's or but's. The pope has spoken. Why there continues to be dissension, I really don't know. And at this point in time the last thing the church needs are dissenters. Especially from the leaders, like Bishop Morris.
However, it is not like Bishop Morris was breaking the rules even further and actually participating in ordaining women, like some others have in the past. So, I do think that the forced retirement of Bishop Morris is a little on the harsh side, and I think that Pope Benedict should have given him a strict lecture, but not force his retirement. Now, the people of Australia are so upset and from what I've heard there is talk of mass resignations! This is not what the church needs. For once, can't we be unified on something!!

My buddy, Ron, posted the article about Boehner on Facebook because he thought that it was great that Catholics are extending their pro-life stance and holding their politicians to a higher level. Boehner should not cut funding to programs that help the poor, like WIC. That was wrong of him. Hopefully he will listen to what these students and professors have to say and work harder to help those who are in need of help.
For those who have the misconception that atheists have little or no morals, my buddy, Ron proves them wrong. He is a great guy and I am glad that I have him as a friend.

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