Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why Am I Starting a Blog

I was on my lunch break the other day and I sat down to eat my Lean Cuisine lunch when my boss sat some magazines down on the table in front of me. She had just come back from Paris and obviously did a lot of reading on the plane ride home. Charlie Sheen donned the front of People magazine and I glanced at through those pages briefly only to wonder why society seems to put these losers on a pedestal. Next I glanced at the cover of a magazine I used to read constantly: Cosmo.
The headline that caught my eye was an article about the new advancements on birthcontrol and how they can improve a womans life. They covered the condom, the IUD, the shot, and, of course, the magical pill. The cheapest and safest form of birthcontrol was nowhere to be mentioned: Natural Family Planning.

I will admit, I may be a devout Catholic, but I haven't always followed the church's teachings. I've cohabitated with my fiance for four years and I've taken that magic birthcontrol pill since I was sixteen. I have primary desmenaria, so I was prescribed the pill for medical reasons. For ten years I took this tiny pill that helped with menstral pain, and when the time came and I became sexually active with the man who is soon to become my husband, it prevented unintended pregnancies, which is the whole reason why the pill was invented.

Now, ten years later, I have a completely different view on sex and contracteption. Contraceptives defile an act that is supposed to be holy, love giving and life giving. But since we live in a society that promotes we are 'sexual beings' who do not have to live with the consequenses of such an act, drug companies make millions on pills, shots, and IUD, all of which have side-effects and are not 100% affective. But, that's ok, becuase if they fail you can take the morning after pill which also has side-effects. And if that fails, that's ok too, because then you can have an abortion, which can also have medical and emotional side-effects. But the workers at Planned Parenthood won't tell you that, or provide counseling afterwards.

We all know that abstinence is the only form of birthcontrol that is 100% effective. But Natural Family Planning is more effective than the pill and it has no side-effects...and it's free! Why did Cosmo fail to mention this form of birthcontrol in their article?

After ten years of being on the magic pill, I have thrown away my pill pack and am meeting with an NFP instructor through my church. I want to share my new journey and maybe I'll write an article for Cosmo someday.

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